Augur’s daily betting volume exceeded $ 400K.


Augur's daily betting volume exceeded $ 400K.

An analysis of the statistical data of the Augur forecasting platform shows that in just a week after the launch, the daily betting volume rose to $ 400,000, and during this time the turnover was about $ 1.5 million..

Based on the information from the Predictions.Global website, the project quickly attracts new fans. At the time of this writing, the volume of open bets is $ 415 thousand and is increasing every day. The platform was launched just a week ago, but during this time more than 3000 ETH have already been sold on it through smart contracts, and a third of the amount falls on the last day.

The decentralization of the platform allows you to bet on anything, and many people use it. For example, the dispute over whether it will be able to exceed the ether rate of $ 500 at the end of the year has already raised $ 217,000, and 68% of bets are confident of growth. Several disputes suggest putting God into existence, in one of them the publication of this in the media until 2020 will be the proof. Others argue about the fulfillment of promises by a blockchain project or the spread of a virus. Such unusual options are quite common..

Despite the growth in volumes, users often complain about technical problems with the platform. Augur is trying to fix them quickly, but the largest number of visitors so far has been recorded at the time of launch. The developers say that the first payments to the winners will take place this week and this should stimulate the market.

Recall that Western Union refused to cooperate with Ripple. 

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Visual Hunt

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