Bitmain Launches Global Mining Optimization Platform

BITMAIN Launches “World’s Largest” Mining Facility In Texas

Bitmain Launches Global Mining Optimization Platform

In October, Bitmain will launch a platform for establishing mutually beneficial cooperation between owners of mining equipment and mining farms.

The global resource World Digital Mining Map (WDMM) will be activated until October 10 and will be the first network to help improve the efficiency of miners around the world.

The project will help ASIC owners find the optimal place with suitable conditions and resources to place their computing power. In turn, mining farms will be able to fill free space at the facility and earn money on equipment maintenance, find new customers, and receive personal assistance from Bitmain in designing a farm, establishing contacts with foreign customers and support in work, procurement and construction..

The developers claim that WDMM will do mining a more stable industry in the long term.

Bitmain also said it plans to provide constant technical support to customers throughout the entire life of their equipment.

The Chinese giant continues to improve the efficiency of its products and on September 9 released two new, more powerful ASIC miners, S17e and T17e..

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