Dmitry “Goblin” Puchkov about science and the life of the present

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Dmitry 'Goblin' Puchkov about science and the life of the present

Dmitry Puchkov became famous on the Internet even before it became a mass phenomenon. Notes on computer games with signature «senior operative Goblin» appeared on the site back in 1997. Widely known for «Goblin» came after his translation of the epic film «Lord of the Rings». Now a program has been added to literary and film translations, various reviews and game development. «Intelligence questioning» on YouTube, which is no less popular.

Dmitry’s look at modern generation, technological developments and the near future in an interview for BitCryptoNews.

You have a very wide range of interests. This can be seen from the blog. «Intelligence questioning», and biography. What are you most interested in right now??

— That’s right, the range of interests is quite wide — so we are damned communists brought up in pioneer organizations. They forced, you know, to be forcibly interested in everything in the world. That was such a beastly grin of totalitarianism — no you «House 2», only magazine «Science and life».

Now the most interesting thing for me is making videos. «about history», for under the stories of how the Bolsheviks lied to us, today’s propagandists lie a hundred times more and much more actively. Therefore, I talk with specialists for various periods, trying to understand — what and how it really was. It turns out very interesting, and not only to me, but also to numerous spectators..

—  As far as I know, your site «Tynu4Ok» you positioned as «a system for the formation of a new type of person». What is this man?

— It was a joke. In fact, the current media are sharpened exclusively for brainwashing the population. And since I am also in some way the media, I consider it my duty to brainwash the population correctly — washing out from there all that our wonderful media has inflicted.

A person of a new type must first of all have a sober mind, which allows you to correctly navigate in the surrounding reality and make rational decisions..

What modern technologies are you interested in?

— I am mainly busy with the Internet and at the same time — devices that provide Internet access. Computers, laptops, tablets, phones — all this today works at the forefront of technical progress and therefore is of greatest interest.

—  In one of the issues on YouTube, you spoke with irony about Elon Musk. Do you think inventions like electric cars or SpaceX rockets are pointless or PR projects?

— Elon Musk doesn’t invent anything. This is a PR manager who works for public money, which is allocated to him by the US government. All of him «inventions» can be found in Soviet popular science books of the 50s of the last century. Huge money is allocated to him. Confused by him «inventions» not yet visible. But PR — great, scream — to the whole planet. Obviously, that’s what he was hired for..

What do you think about blockchain technology and the popularity of cryptocurrencies? Could there be a future behind them?

— At the moment, cryptocurrencies are needed for exactly one — payment for illegal transactions out of sight of the state. That is, secretly from the state, cryptocurrency is used to pay for weapons and drugs. No other areas of benefit have been seen yet..

Blockchain is presented as a kind of panacea for a host of problems. But at the same time they do not say anything what all sorts of different hackers can do to him, including especially vicious Russian hackers..

A new case, unknown, what is there and how — wait and see.

What path will high technologies take in the coming decades, in your opinion? Will robots be created, for example, capable of replacing humans, or will there be cures for all diseases??

— It is impossible to guess such things. The cutting edge of science — it is war and military technology. Following them — business. Within the framework of military technologies, robots and military robotic complexes are created in order to exclude the participation of living soldiers in hostilities. This will open up the broadest prospects for the conduct of hostilities in a completely new way. — quickly and unnoticed by the media. Plus, the killed and crippled do not need to pay insurance. Add artificial intelligence here, which will «steer» genocide, and everything will sparkle with even more ominous colors.

Robots capable of replacing humans have been created a long time ago and have successfully replaced humans — just look at any European assembly line. Another thing is that the citizens most in demand are not robots-pickers, but robots for sexual pleasures. Wow, this is where work is being carried out on a cosmic scale. An artificial woman who doesn’t have a headache and doesn’t need to buy anything, — the dream of most male citizens. When will these be released in large quantities? — the world will change radically.

By the way, about the mass character. Interest in space has awakened in the West — both in the movies and in reality. Is it possible to resume the space race?

— The space race has never stopped and will never stop as long as there are different states on Earth. The United States has the largest army in the world and the largest military spending. Many people do not understand — what for? The answer is simple: to maintain a high standard of living, because with the help of the US army, they dictate their will to anyone, which means they constantly profit from someone’s money. If you need to get out into space to make even more money from war — good morning, they have been there for a long time and have been developing military space programs for a long time. Just like us, by the way. Only they are ahead of the rest of the planet, and we are constantly catching up.

That is, the place of Russia in high technologies is not as significant as we would like.?

— In my opinion, at the moment — very, very low. We do not have precision machine-tool construction, we do not even have simple machine-tool construction — everything was destroyed in the restructuring. We do not manufacture our own chips for computer processors, and we do not manufacture the processors themselves (on a global scale, of course). Therefore, it is so easy and simple to strangle us with various sanctions..

Many were amused when the Soviet Union tried to produce everything by itself. Perhaps it was not always possible to do something world-class, but everything was different. Now they will stop supplying the most important products — So what? For example, they will disable Windows updates in all banks, and then what? Own operating system is already built?

Tell everyone about our megaracts — of course, interesting and even pleasant. You just need to remember that these missiles were designed by bloody communists, and not at all by the current sprout of young Russian talents..

Scientists believe that true talent is impossible without culture. What kind of response to scientific and technological progress should be formed in it??

— The response is always primitive: the geniuses of science develop the highest technology, and then various fools use it. Some develop Blu-ray, others immediately record pornography on it. Some launch satellites, others use these satellites to download pornography and discuss on the phone who copulated with whom the third day.

Well, in general, citizens, in my opinion, are rapidly becoming stupid — precisely thanks to high technologies. It would seem, how can a person of the XXI century seriously discuss «flat earth theory»? But no — look at the number of such and be horrified.

Interviewed by Elina Masimova

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