Economists predict the dollar at 80 rubles by the end of 2018

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Economists predict the dollar at 80 rubles by the end of 2018


Even 20 years after one of the worst economic crises that Russia has experienced, its echoes make Russians wait with a shuddering heart for the consequences of August..

It was August that became «black» for the country, since at the end of summer they begin «float up» nuances affecting the general position of the country’s economy. 2018 was no exception, confirming the existence of real problems. This year, the attention of Russians is again focused on the rapid fall of the ruble, the reason for which is the strongest sanctions pressure..

The scale of the ruble’s fall in 2018 cannot be compared with the events of 20 years ago, but the very fact of the depreciation of the state currency makes us look for ways to preserve our capital.

Doctor of Economics Igor Nikolaev is sure that August is not so «black». As an argument, he cited an event two years ago — a breakthrough of the mark of 100 rubles per euro in mid-December 2014. But after the events of 1998, it is this month that remains «branded», which, from the point of view of market psychology, also has an impact on price formation.

The economist noted that due to the growing pressure of sanctions, the next package of which should be adopted in the fall of this year, it is possible that by December, signs on the boards of exchange offices will flaunt «dollar — 80, euro — 90 rubles». Most of the leading economists agree with the opinion of Igor Nikolaev.

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: «1998 default»

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