Hacking GateHub Wallet Database Threatens 1.4 Million Users

Hacking GateHub Wallet Database Threatens 1.4 Million Users

Cybersecurity researcher reports personal data leak of 1.4 million users of GateHub crypto wallet.

Troy Hunt claims that cybercriminals hacked the site’s database and posted e-mail addresses, passwords, mnemonic phrases on the Internet and two-factor authentication keys for all accounts, as well as the hashes of the wallet itself. Although, according to the developers, the investigation showed that the hashes were not compromised.

Parallel the same unidentified hacker hacked the EpicBot game service website after obtaining information about the names and IP addresses of users.

Currently, 3.72 GB of private data from the two projects is in the public domain on the darknet and potentially jeopardizes the security of each of their 2.2 million users. While there is no official information about lost savings or hacking accounts.

This is not the first time that information has been leaked from GateHub. In June, hackers hacked about 100 wallets of which 23.2 million XRP were stolen for $ 10 million. In the same month, the project developers announced a phishing campaign aimed at users of their product.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: b-n

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