Invented display glass that heals scratches from heat

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Invented display glass that heals scratches from heat

Engineers have developed a new glass that does not fog up, repels various liquids, and scratches on its surface can be removed by simply heating.

In the displays of smartphones, laptops, tablets, as well as in solar panels, glass is used, which must transmit a wide spectrum of light well and repel water, dirt, oil and other liquids. A team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh has created a highly durable and transparent self-healing glass with an anti-fog and omniphobic surface.

All these properties are due to its unique nanostructure of the surface, consisting of random elements that are shorter than the wavelengths of visible light. The high transparency of such glass (95.5%) will reduce the requirements for brightness and power on the displays, which will reduce their power consumption and extend the battery life. At the same time, it remains anti-reflective even at large viewing angles and has low haze, less than 0.1%, which ensures clear images and text.

Invented display glass that heals scratches from heat

The surface of the glass is super niphobic, which means it repels various liquids such as orange juice, coffee, water, blood, milk, and so on. It is also protected against fogging as condensation water easily rolls off the surface without interfering with viewing. Among other things, nanostructured glass is resistant to abrasion and damage from contact with rough objects, since heating restores its original functionality..

To develop such glass on their own, scientists would have taken years to test thousands of ideas and conduct hundreds of tests, so they used machine learning technology. They entered a lot of initial data into the system and, changing the variables, studied the resulting models.. Therefore, it took much less time to determine the optimal combination..

We also previously reported on the development of new type of impact-resistant glass, which is 24 times stronger than usual and is able to bend under pressure.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: nxgen

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