will help restore old photos

Colorizing and Restoring Old Images with Deep Learning (Deoldify) 📸 will help restore old photos

New service from mail will help bring archived images back to life using neural network technology.

For restoration, it is enough to upload old photos to computer vision service. Machine learning algorithms will automatically find and eliminate defects, restore image details, and color images. The resulting photos can not only please loved ones, but also place them in the gallery. «Immortal Regiment», print for May 9 procession or photo album. will help restore old photos

In the project’s boundaries «Faces of Victory» the Internet portal has also created a virtual memory photomuseum. It is made in the form of a gigapixel panorama, in which anyone can add pictures of combatants or find the ones they need among the published ones..

Recall that established camera that can take pictures objects from a distance of 45 km.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo:

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