Samsung develops QLED with a lifespan of 1 million hours

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Samsung develops QLED with a lifespan of 1 million hours

Samsung Electronics has developed a new method of manufacturing quantum dot LEDs (QLED), which improves their efficiency and extends the stable life up to 1 million hours.

Quantum Dot LEDs are excellent for large panel displays due to their high efficiency, color purity, reliability and cost-effectiveness. However, previous versions of QLED used cadmium, which is harmful to humans, and were not stable enough..

Recently the research arm of the South Korean giant improved structure of quantum dots made of environmentally friendly indium phosphide. The new variant has a homogeneous core with an etched oxidizing surface and is covered with a symmetrical thick shell to prevent energy leakage.

According to the developers, this increased the quantum efficiency of QD-LEDs by 21.4%, and their lifespan up to a million hours. Despite the fact that Samsung already has 170 patents for the rudimentary structure of QLED, it will continue to work in this direction, as the technology still has some problems..

The company does not give an approximate date for the start of mass production of QLED displays, and they should not be expected in the coming years..

We also previously reported that Samsung is developing a graphene battery for smartphones that charges in minutes..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Samsung Electronics

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