Smart service systems are being tested in Beijing subway

Taking The Beijing Subway

Smart service systems are being tested in Beijing subway

Beijing Metro Line 6 trains test a smart passenger service system with security cameras and LED windows showing useful information for people.

According to the developers, the system Intelligent Passenger Service System should improve usability and provide an adequate level of service. In the project’s boundaries high-sensitivity cameras were installed in the carriages that record unusual behavior and non-standard situations, for example, when a passenger wears a mask, faints or waves his hand, calling for help.

According to Chinese media reports, LED screens were also installed on the outside of the doors and windows of the cars, which dynamically display information about the congestion of people in neighboring cars, the current location of the train, its route, as well as three-dimensional maps of stations..

For example, during the trip, passengers can see where the toilets, elevators and exits are located at the next station, as well as the location of the nearest commercial objects..

In the future, the metro administration plans to introduce other smart systems and functions into the carriages..

Recall that against the background of the spread coronavirus in elevators and hospitals China began to actively install holographic panels to avoid physical contact with buttons.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: ChinaDaily

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