US will create 3D printed submarines

The Navy’s First 3D Printed Submarine

US will create 3D printed submarines

US Department of Defense plans to build submarines for the Navy using modern 3D printing technology to reduce production time and cost.

The first samples will not be launched into the open sea until 2020, but Oak Ridge National Laboratory has already produced a prototype. The nine-meter hull of the SEAL submarine was created for the elite units of the fleet, performing operations in especially dangerous regions.

Typically, the manufacturing process for such a submarine takes 3–5 months and costs $ 800 thousand. The introduction of innovative technologies and 3D printing into production can reduce the time to two weeks, and the cost price to $ 60 thousand. Such indicators and the possibility of promptly equipping the Marine Corps interested the US Department of Defense. In addition, the submarine can be produced taking into account the specifics of a particular operation..

US will create 3D printed submarines

The trade war between the United States and China is fueling an arms race, with the latter recently announced that it will adopt unmanned submarines..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Petty Officer 1st Class Jeffrey M. Richardson /  US Department of defense   

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